...Krankheiten und Ihre Inkubationszeit

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Rabies incubation period

Rabies is a bite a sick animal.
The incubation period of rabies is 8 days to 8 months.
The causative agent of rabies are the Lyssaviren.
After the incubation period are the first flu-like symptoms. Then the virus spread further and there is a brain inflammation.
Rabies is fatal. Every year over 50000 people aspire to the world of rabies.
The brain inflammation leads to symptoms such as confusion, agitation, paralysis, anxiety, abnormal behavior, hallucinations, insomnia and even delirium.
Typical is also that the sight of water or light can lead to seizures. Seizures may tantrums with screaming, hitting and biting his.

Rabies incubation period: 8 days to 8 months


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